High energy
experience with
hands-on demonstrations

I found Rob Sheehan's new book Mission Impact, a practical guide to strategic and operational planning. It's not a theoretical treatise, thank goodness, but an essential step-by-step process to help the nonprofit CEO or board work through and develop a game-changing strategic plan.

— Edward F. Leonard, PhD, President,
Bethany College

Breakthrough Strategy Workshop

The workshop is a fast paced, high energy, and interactive experience that provides hands-on demonstrations on how to apply the ideas from Rob's book, Mission Impact: Breakthrough Strategies for Nonprofits.

This workshop is available to staff and volunteers of single organizations or to groups that represent a number of nonprofit organizations in your community. That helps defray the workshop costs by several organizations sharing expenses. A community organization or foundation may organize a workshop for the nonprofit organizations in its area. Best of all, there is no maximum on the number of participants who may attend a workshop.

A standard workshop is a full day with approximately six hours of content and typically three hours in a morning session and three hours in the afternoon. Organizations sponsoring the workshop may want to schedule meal and refreshment breaks throughout the day.

Rob Sheehan will lead your organization's staff and volunteers through this comprehensive workshop with four distinct modules:

Creating Your Breakthrough Strategy

Mission and Vision

Strategic Stretch Goals

Strategy Development and Implementation

The workshop can be customized depending on the needs and interests of the particular organization that sponsors it.

Click here for more information on the workshops and how to bring Rob to your community or organization for example's from a variety of nonprofits.